• Introducing: The eBike

  • 25.06.2019

Introducing; The eBike

Imagine it being your last day in New York, and you’ve saved one of the city’s best sites, Central Park, for last. But after spending most of your trip pounding the pavement with your two feet, the idea of walking 843 more acres seems a bit daunting. Cycling through the park seems like a better option but you aren’t entirely sure that once you make it to the top of the park you’ll have enough energy to make your way back down. Instead of hopping on a normal bike and hoping your legs don’t give out, opt for one of Unlimited Biking’s eBikes. An eBike will save your trip by saving you time and energy.

Unlimited Biking has a fleet of brand-new Cannondale NEO electric bikes, which are pedal assist bikes with a battery that allows riders to cycle at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. With the average cyclist on a traditional bike usually reaching up to 10 miles per hour, that’s quite a difference, and for someone with limited time to visit all sites in New York that difference can be huge.

To be clear, riding an eBike doesn’t mean that you won’t be exerting any energy at all. After all, the battery only works while you are pedaling. But this pedal-assistance can be a significant boost for someone who wants to get on a bike but doesn’t think they can keep up with the likes of Gino Bartali or Miguel Indurain, or, more relatably, for someone who wants to get on a bike but their knees and leg muscles do not work as well as they did 20 years ago. With an eBike, your options are no longer limited to either walking or full-out cycling; an eBike serves as the perfect in-between as you go between the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, or anywhere else in the city.

Curious how much of NYC you can cover in a few hours on an e-bike?

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